David Parr


Practice and Design Philosophy

  • To establish a first-rate working relationship between Architect and Client with an ethical sense of priorities.
  • Provide a personal, comprehensive service with confidentiality and mutual trust.
  • Respect the building traditions of the area to produce traditional and contemporary designs which are 'site specific' which 'fit' with the existing environment.
  • Wherever possible, use locally sourced materials and labour.
  • Adopt methods of construction using reclaimed materials and traditional practices in a functional and sustainable way.
  • Introduce contemporary design that is compatible with modern functionality yet is of a sustainable low carbon footprint in construction.
  • Minimise the use of energy by the use of breathable highly insulated construction, orientated to take full advantage of passive solar energy, daylight and the use of energy efficient heating and lighting systems.
  • The ethos that the building or the designed environment becomes a generator or clean energy by the use of earth, water or air sources and if possible to be self sustaining by storing excess energy or releasing it into the national grid.
  • Respect and conserve the historical and architectural significance of heritage building but also keep these buildings in active use.